Do Health Diet Supplements Really Work?

It has been scientifically proven that loss of excess weight leads to positive emotional and physical health. However losing weight is a slow process and one needs to have an action plan and put in some extra effort to achieve desired results. Of course any good doctor will recommend that you take up exercising and improve on your diet in all possible ways which is by far the best of options but the truth is that most people find it difficult to regularly exercise while others have no time at all to exercise. It’s also true that one develops even a bigger appetite after working out.

To boost weight loss, 15% of adults in the US have taken to health diet supplements.

Why the health diet supplements?

This is because health diet supplements work in a way as to;

  • Decrease appetite
  • Block fat absorption
  • Step up metabolic process with in you.

Fibers decrease appetite.

Fiber supplements are best recommended for those who wish to cut back on the amount of food they eat every day and for those who have big appetites. This is because eating fibers give you an apparent filling of fullness over a long time which hopefully reduces the frequency of your need for a bite thus reducing on the amount of food you eat. This is backed up by a recent study which showed that overweight people who chose to take fiber diet supplements on a daily basis, reported to fill less hungry after meals as opposed to those who took placebos and a general loss of weight of the former. Apples are fibrous too, and having one before a meal certainly does the trick too. It’s however recommended to gradually increase your daily fiber intake accompanied with plenty of fluids to avoid constipation.

Women under the age of 50 and those above 50 are recommended by the National Academy of Science to eat 25 grams and 21 grams of fiber a day respectively. Similarly men under the age of 50 and those above 50 must consume 38 grams and 30 grams respectively, but the facts show that most people do with less than half the recommended amounts.

Though not many weight loss products on the market can be recommended by experts as these products are known to have bad side effects the extremes of which are heart attack and stroke, there are some popular quality products that can be sourced from on-line slim diet stores.

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